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7 Ways To Grow Your Network Marketing Business on Facebook in Less Than 7 Days

Using Facebook to grow your network marketing business seems super simple and it can be - if you do it right. Before you try to sell your latest potion or lotion on Facebook, you need to understand the mentality of the people who are on Facebook.

People come to Facebook to escape. They want to hear positive things. They like the stupid lolcats pictures. They want to check in on their friends and family and see what they're up to. No one on Facebook is there shopping for a weight loss product or some kind of new makeup. So how do you give other what they want and still get what you want? Here are my 7 different post recommendations and how you can tailor them to meet your goals.

1 - Share Posts About Your Lifestyle

Network marketing comes with a certain lifestyle. A successful professional network marketer travels the world speaking to people and helping others achieve their goals. They are spending time with their family, buying things they want, travelling, etc. Once you realize that 87% of what we're exposed to throughout the day is negative, you can simply share positive posts about your life. Talk about spending time with your significant other at the beach, talk about the vacation your planning. In your head, you know you're doing it because you want people to see you are living a positive lifestyle and doing what you want to do but subconsciously, your friends will be naturally drawn to you and will want to know how you're able to do the things they are not. That will open the door for a conversation.

2 - Post pictures of yourself!

If you are camera shy, you're probably in the wrong profession. Get over your fear and start taking pictures of yourself in interesting locations or situations. The more you put your face out there and smiling, the more people will want to interact with you. Even if it's something as simple as sitting in your back yard just relaxing, post a picture of yourself. Facebook is about building relationships and by putting pictures of yourself on Facebook, people are going to feel more connected.

3 - Talk about what you do to run your business

People need to know what's involved with being a successful professional network marketer. Show people what it takes but do so in a fun and engaging way. For me, I'll post pictures of me sitting on my porch sending cards and gifts to people with a caption "This is how I spend my day... Enjoying the sun and appreciating people." If I just got back from a networking event I may say something like "Met a lot of cool people tonight. Now I'm off to send them a card and thank them for chatting with me." There's a big difference between marketing in someone's face and letting someone know how you run your business and doing it in a light way.

4 - Trending Stories

As you read news stories related to our profession, share them with people. There's no secret that there's a negative stigma associated with network marketing. It's perfectly acceptable to post stories that are positive when they are related to our profession. Show people you are proud of what you do and work to change some of the negative views the world has of what we do.

5 - Quotes

Future Begins

One thing I'm incredibly guilty of is posting positive quotes on a daily basis. Google is your friend and finding positive quotes is very simple. Ideally, graphics with positive quotes on them work the best. Positive quotes make people think and help to brighten their day.

6 - Videos

This ties back to #2 above. If you are camera shy, get over it. You are in an outgoing and personable profession. It's time to tackle your fear if you really want to have success. Post fun videos. Not everything has to be serious and marketing. Again, Facebook is all about people and relationships. The more you focus on people, making them happy, and strengthening the relationship you have with them, the more likely they are to want to do business with you.

7 - Funny Experiences

Most people have something interesting, exciting, or funny happen to them on a regular basis. Share those stories. Open yourself up for people to laugh at you. It's OK. Sharing funny stories makes people want to comment and engage with you. It also makes people related to you because, chances are, whatever happened to you, has happened to them at some point.

So there you have it, my top 7 ways to grow your network marketing business through Facebook. Stop beating people over the head with your product or service. Share your life through stories. Let people know the fun and exciting times you are having because of the person you are becoming because of your product or service. Become someone people want to be around and you will see a dramatic increase in the number of people who want to take an interest in you and want to be like you. Soon, people will be begging you to share your opportunity with them.

About the Author

Steve is an avid believer in personal development. Being a professional network marketer is more than financial and time freedom for him, it's about helping everyone else become the greatest version of themselves they can possibly be.