About Us – Steve & Lisa Bailey

Let me start off by telling you who we're not...

We're not a couple of multi-millionaire gurus who will tell you we have all the answers to the network marketing profession - there are plenty of those out there already. It seems everywhere you look there are people making tons of money telling you how to succeed in network marketing yet if you ask them what company they are with, they will tell you a story about why they don't work with any one specific company. Truth is most of those gurus are making their millions selling you their courses and their events. Now, don't get me wrong, they are adding value and I don't want to try to discredit them (heck, we've bought their products and and attended their events). The problem is that, when you boil it down to the essence, they are on a different playing field. I don't want to say they're out of touch because that's not fair. But, when you're starting out in network marketing, you're probably working a 40 hour a week job and can't seem to find the time in the day to do what you should be doing because you're always focused on what you have to be doing. That's where we come in.

Who are Steve & Lisa Bailey?

We have been married for over 25 years.  We have two children (both currently in college).  Steve is a systems engineer (which, for you non technical folks, means he's a computer geek). Lisa is a para-educator (which, for you non-education folks) means she works with autistic children in a traditional classroom setting. We still work 40 hour a week jobs - partially because we have to and partially because we love what we do. We are not yet in a position to leave their day jobs and travel the world singing the praises of network marketing like some of the "gurus" out there but it is a goal we are working towards.

As you begin to hear our story, ask yourself if any of these sound familiar:

  • You spend more time at the office with your co-workers than you do with your family
  • You are tired of living paycheck to paycheck
  • You never seem to be able to take a vacation
  • You are worried about putting your kids through college or having enough money to retire comfortably
  • You just feel like you aren’t living the life you want. You feel like there’s more out there for you.

If you are looking for a way out of the rat race and you just aren’t living the life you deserve…

We’ve been there! And we know how you feel…

Every single one of those rang true to us and we knew that becoming entrepreneurs was the only real solution to overcoming these challenges. Lisa started by dipping her toes in a couple of network marketing ventures early in our marriage. Like many of you, she wanted time and financial freedom to spend more time at home with our small children. She soon abandoned those endeavors because realized the businesses were having the exact opposite effect -- she was spending more time away from home hosting parties.

Next, Steve & Lisa started to run a successful wedding videography business. For 10 years, Steve & Lisa would help make the most beautiful day of peoples lives into a video memory they would be able to relive over and over again. While this was satisfying work, the same problem manifested itself. Steve would spend every weekend filming a wedding or editing one. It was during these years that Steve & Lisa were introduced to the company that would forever change their lives and start them on the journey to real time and financial freedom.


In December of 2010, Steve was introduced to a company called SendOutCards. On the surface, SendOutCards has a very simple product. They s sell personalized greeting cards that you create from your computer or smart phone.  However, in February 2011, Steve had a SendOutCards moment that would forever change his life.

It was after that, we poured our hearts and souls into making SendOutCards a viable business for us. This was more than a hobby now. We realized that the power of acting on a prompting was almost a spiritual event for us. Just 2 short years later, we retired from wedding videography. The income we were making from SendOutCards replaced our income we were making from filming weddings (and we recovered our free time on the weekends).

But, the things we would learn on this journey went far beyond simply acting on promptings. Through our studies and interactions with our peers in SendOutCards and throughout the network marketing industry, we discovered our true calling - our purpose in life. We were put on this Earth to help everyone we meet find the genius that is within them that only they have and give it away freely to the world.

Only by giving freely to others can we truly get all the blessings we have in the world. Focusing outward on the success and happiness of others can we truly be happy ourselves.

So Why Should You Listen To Us?

Because we're just like you. We aren't millionaires (yet).  We are normal, every day people, working towards the same goals and dreams you are - to have the time and financial freedom to do everything that we want to do when we want to do it. We want to make sure we are leaving a legacy that will live well beyond our mortal years on this Earth. We want to touch the lives of everyone we can because we know that we are all brothers and sisters on this Earth and only by working together can we truly leave this world in a better place than how we found it.

This website will chronicle our journey and we want you to be a part of it. If any of this story has resonated with you -- if you are involved in SendOutCards, or some other network marketing company -- if you aren't sure if network marketing is right for you and want to watch our successes (and failures), then you are welcome here and thank you for visiting.

Jordan Adler

Steve Bailey has experience bouncing back. Setbacks are part of business success and Steve has mastered the “bounce back” taking him and his wife Lisa to a whole new level each time. This powerful couple has an inspiring story and they can help you create yours!

DeMarr Zimmerman

I have known Steve & Lisa for quite sometime and they are stand up, ethical and honorable people who I truly enjoy doing business with. They are the real deal!