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Handling Objections: I Don’t Have The Time

Recently, I was talking to a close friend about our network marketing business.  When I asked her if she would be interested in taking a look, she told me “I don’t have the time.”  I know she’s a busy woman.  She’s married, has two kids and works a full time job.  I know she’s busy– that’s why I was trying to show this to her. I wanted to help her see that starting a network marketing business could create the leverage of time she needed.  I didn’t really have an answer for her.  So this brought me to the idea of asking some of the biggest experts in the profession how they handle these common objections.  This is the first part of a multi part series giving you the benefit of hearing from industry leaders who have grown successful network marketing businesses and how they handle things like this.  If you’re growing a network marketing business, take notes.  If you’ve been approached by someone about starting a network marketing business and said “I don’t have the time” see if these answers help put things in perspective for you.

JordanAdler-ExpertJordan Adler


If someone says they are “too busy” and they start giving reasons, it usually means their timing is off or I didn’t do a good job explaining how our business model will help them. So I will ask questions, like . . .

“Is this something you want to fix? Being too busy?”

If they answer, “yes” I’ll ask . . .

“How do you plan to free up your time?”

Depending on how they answer these questions, I’ll know if they really are interested in a solution or may just putting me off for other reasons that they may not be expressing. If they want to know a solution, I can explain in more detail how carving out a few hours a week can help to relieve the pain of an out of control schedule.

Usually if I keep the door open and honor their reason for not getting started, when the timing is good, they will come back and want to get started with me. If I push too hard they will disappear forever. Help them to feel like you really understand their reason not getting started right now but also through questions, you can educate them on how network marketing could solve their “time” problem.

ToodFalcone-ExpertTodd Falcone


We hear this all the time! In fact…it’s probably the number one objection you get from people, or at least very close to it.

They may respond with “I don’t have the time.”  Or, “I’m just too busy.”

The thing you want to be thinking about is this.  Is time the real issue? Or, is there something deeper than that? Perhaps they aren’t convinced the business works or it will work for them.  Here’s how I might handle this situation, other than the two other methods I’ve already described.

YOUR PROSPECT: “I just don’t have the time!”
YOU: “How does it make you feel to say that?”
YOUR PROSPECT: “I don’t like it. I don’t have the time for anything right now.”
YOU: “Well…do you have a plan to change that situation?”
YOUR PROSPECT: “No…not really.”
YOU: “Well…would you like to see one?”

I may even ask them something like, “What is taking up all of your time?”

The more you know, again…without arguing or getting defensive, the better off you’ll be. You’re looking to help them SOLVE whatever problem it is that they may be facing.  What is the prospect’s perception of how much time the business takes? They may think that they have to work the business full-time or that it takes a lot of hours to make their business work.

RayHigdon-ExpertRay Higdon


The are a couple of ways to handle this objection. The first way is something like this “Oh man. Boy did I use to be like you. I totally understand. If you know anyone who wants to make some extra money without interfering with what they’re doing, let me know. I’ll be happy to reach out to them and show them step by step how to make money without interfering with what they’re doing.” And I would do that without expecting a response and go to walk away. You have to manage the energy of the conversation. If you say this energetically and confidently, there’s a good chance they will stop you in your tracks. The truth is, if you talk to all of the top earners in network marketing, almost all of them were busy when they started.

A second option is to use the old, traditional “Feel, Felt, Found” method. You could say “Hey, I totally understand how you feel. In fact, when the person who introduced me to this business, I felt the same way but here’s what I found: I was going to be busy until the day I died unless I created leverage. We show you how to create leverage. If you’re short on time, you may actually need this more than you think.”

Has someone told you “I don’t have the time?”  How did you handle it?  I would love to hear your feedback in the comments below.

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