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How To Make People Line Up And Beg to Join Your Network Marketing Team

If you aren’t able to get people to join your network marketing team as fast as you want, it might be in the way you are presenting the opportunity. Presenting your opportunity in the right way is crucial to your long term success in network marketing. Most people try to tell people how much money they will make or how they will be able to travel the world, live life on their own terms, etc. It’s probably what brought you to the table and it’s probably what your business presentation appears to do.  However, if you look closely at your company’s opportunity presentation, it does something far more valuable and it’s in that subtlety that the magic lies.  First, let’s talk about what you shouldn’t do.

Never Talk About The Money

First, understand that making income claims is highly illegal and is bound to get you and your company in trouble. It’s perfectly acceptable to talk about the money as long as you explain that what you are sharing is a hypothetical example and, in reality, things never work out in perfect geometric progression. Explaining the compensation plan is part of what you should be doing but leave it at that. People don’t want money. I know it sounds strange but it’s true. I’ll explain in a minute.

Never Talk About The Things You Could Do When You Achieve Success

reasonsSo wait… I can’t talk about the money they’re going to make and I can’t talk about all the free time they’re going to have to travel the world or make all the charitable donations to their church? What the heck can I talk about? What if your prospect has a fear of flying or is an atheist? Most of the time, new network marketers will talk in terms of the things they want to do when they achieve success and guess what? Not everyone is like you! If you talk about being able to put your kids through college and the prospect doesn’t want children, you could turn them off to the opportunity altogether.

People Don’t Want A Drill, People Want A Hole

Read that headline and then read it again. That simple phrase needs to be part of your core when it comes to your network marketing business.  You bought a drill because you needed a quarter-inch hole. Your prospect might want a drill because they need a eighth-inch hole. I’ve never met someone who got into network marketing because they wanted a network marketing business. Look inward and I bet the same is true for you. You have very specific reasons you joined your network marketing business and not one of them was because you wanted work a second part time business. You joined because you had specific goals you wanted to accomplish with the freedoms you were going to get by having a network marketing business.

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How To Make People Line Up And Beg To Join Your Network Marketing Team

The process to get someone to the table to look at your business opportunity is going to vary based on company.  We call this “Inviting.”  Invite people to take a look at your opportunity in a way that’s consistent with your personality, your product, your company and in a way that your prospect knows there is a financial opportunity you want to share with them.  At SendOutCards, we’re blessed to have a very simple invitation that rarely gets a “No” from people.

If you have a fear of inviting people to take a look at your opportunity, click here to get our 11 tips to overcoming your fears of prospecting.

Once we are meeting with a prospect, we ask one very powerful and important question. This question is the secret to our success and gives us everything we need to have our prospects begging us to join our network marketing team.

“I’m just curious. What has recently changed in your life that has you open to looking at this opportunity?”

And then sit quiet and let them talk. What they say in the next few words tells you what kind of hole they are looking for. Once you know that, you know exactly what kind of drill they want and you will have a much higher chance of success when it comes to closing them. Sometimes you will get what I call a “lazy thinker” who says “I don’t know. I just want more money I guess.” Whenever I get that, I always try to dig deeper. My favorite response to that is “Money is just dirty paper and people don’t really want money. They want what money represents to them. What does money represent to you?” And then I sit quiet again.

The purpose of this initial exchange is to help you understand their motivations. Once you know they “want more money” because they need to get a new car or maybe put their kids through college, the presentation can now laser focus on how your opportunity will help them achieve their goal.  If you can’t get more information out of them, that’s fine. Don’t push to the point of making things uncomfortable. Just understand that you will have a bigger challenge getting them to join your team because you’ll have to share with them some examples of what they could accomplish and you will have to see which one draws a reaction.

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