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How to Overcome Objections Even If You Are New

One of the first things you are going to need to be proficient in is learning how to overcome objections.  When Lisa and I were first getting started in network marketing, just a couple of years ago, we would not have any idea how to handle objections when people would hit us with them.  They’d come at us with an objection and we’d say “Oh, ok.  Thanks anyway” and move on.  One of the most important skills you can master is learning how to educate your prospect and reframe their objection.

Become empathetic with their objections

Always remember that your prospects are real people with real feelings.  If they say “I can’t afford it” don’t get upset with them.  We both know they can afford it.  Unless they are homeless, living in a cardboard box eating from a garbage can, they have the money.  This is not their true objection.  What they’re really saying is “I don’t see the value in investing the money” or “I don’t think I have what it takes to recover my initial investment.”  Your goal is to validate their feelings and help them realize they can afford it.  The best way we recommend to make that happen is with this very powerful statement:

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When you say this to someone who has an objection, you are making a subconscious connection with them and validating what they are feeling.  They will start to realize that you are a successful network marketer and you thought the same thing they did when you got started.

Feel / Felt / Found

Once you’ve connected with them over their objection, you will want to follow up with this combo so you can now start to reframe their objection into a reason they should get involved with you.  Using our above example of “I can’t afford it,” you might say something like this:

You know? That’s what I thought too.  I used to feel like there was no way I could afford to start my own home business.  I felt like all the money I had was dedicated to just surviving.  However, I found that nothing was changing for me.  Every month I ran out of money before I ran out of month and I decided that if I didn’t try something different, nothing would change for me.  That’s why I decided to get started and I’m so happy I did.

So let’s take stock of how you handled this prospects objection.

  1. You connected with them and told them you had the same thoughts
  2. You explained to them how you felt when you had those thoughts
  3. You told them that you decided to take a chance on starting your own network marketing business and were successful

This incredibly powerful technique can be modified to handle virtually any objection that you may encounter.  When you get an objection you haven’t gotten before and don’t know how to handle it, that’s OK.  Learn from the experience and be prepared next time.  Network Marketing is a numbers game. The key to success is educating prospects, overcoming objections, and following up with them from time to time.

I’d love to hear in the comments below some of the objections you’ve gotten in the past and how you handled them.

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