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Myths About Overcoming the Fear of Rejection

The first major hurdle we had to overcome on our journey to financial freedom was to overcome rejection.  When we were new, we were excited.  We read Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and were stoked that we had found our ticket out of living paycheck to paycheck.  We studied. We practiced. We learned our compensation plan.  We went out and showed our first person our business opportunity.  We got rejected.  We were devastated that they didn’t see what we saw.  We thought about quitting.  Then we learned the most valuable lesson of our entire journey.

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3 Popular Myths About Overcoming the Fear of Rejection

What we’ve found is that people who still have not overcome their fear of rejection typically believe one or more of these three myths:

  1. If I get more training from self help books, my company or my upline, that will give me what I need to overcome rejection.
  2. If I study the mechanics of a proper business presentation, I will have the confidence that I can overcome any objections.
  3. If I learn the history of my company and my profession, I will have the knowledge I need to be successful.

While we don’t disagree that these are important, they are all very personal activities.  Network marketing is a social activity and there’s no way to avoid it.  It’s about networking.  Networking means you have to get out and interact with people.  You will never be able to overcome your fears by reading books or watching other people do presentations.

Let’s treat network marketing like riding a bicycle.  If someone watches videos on how to ride a bicycle, studies the mechanics of the wheels and chain and pedals and handlebars, and learns about the history of the bicycle, are they going to be able to ride a bicycle?  No!  The only people who are successful in riding a bicycle are the ones that go out and fall off over and over again.  Network marketing is no different.

Practice Improves Posture

Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble.  The biggest myth about overcoming the fear of rejection is that you can overcome it at all.  You can’t.  The only way to “overcome” this fear is to “push through” this fear.  That means practice.  You can’t will yourself to ride a bike without practicing and you can’t will yourself to overcome rejection without practicing.

How do you practice?  You present.  Find out from your upline or from your company what their recommended presentation mechanism is.  For us, we present like this:

  1. Send a text to people inviting them to take a look at our opportunity.  Then, when we meet…
  2. Tell them how and why we got started in the business
  3. Show them the product
  4. Show them the financial opportunity
  5. Ask them how they want to get involved

We go into every presentation with the expectation, not of rejection, but that they will not see what we see. Rejection, to us, isn’t something we take personally.  We know we are making good money and we know we live in a skeptical world. Some people aren’t ready to step outside their comfort zone and take a chance on their future. We’re looking for the ones that are.

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